What Does Live Mean On Find My iPhone?

In this article, we will learn more about what live means on the find my iPhone app. Let us take a look.

As a new iPhone user, you may wonder: What does Live mean on Find My iPhone?

You are in the right place because this post addresses the issue.

Find My is an inbuilt IOS app that helps determine a device’s location.

You can monitor a person’s real-time location by following the Live icon.

To use Find My iPhone, you must set up your location settings and allow the app to access your GPS.

You also must request the other person to permit you to monitor their real-time positioning.

Read on to learn more about what Live means on the Find My iPhone app.

What Does Live Mean On Find My iPhone?

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Live on your Find My iPhone app means that the contact you are viewing has allowed you to access their actual location.

This can be ideal, especially if you want to track your child’s movements, a friend, or someone you are meeting.

You can trace the real-time location by seeing a circular pulse around them.

Find My iPhone also lets you know where the person is heading, their speed, and their destination.

How To Set Up Find My iPhone To Show Real-Time Location

Find My iPhone relies on a device’s GPS location.

So, it is best to have location enabled on your device to allow accurate real-time positioning.

Here is how to set up real-time location sharing.

  1. Open or ask Siri to launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Privacy and select Location Services.
  3. Tap on the slider to activate Location.
  4. Go back to Settings and tap on your profile at the top of the page.
  5. Search for Find My iPhone and click on the option.
  6. Activate Find My, activate Share My Location, and head back to Settings
  7. Scroll down to Privacy and tap on Location.
  8. Scroll down the app list and tap “Find My”.
  9. Tap on the app and select Allow When Using.
  10. Additionally, click on Precise Location at the bottom of the page.
  11. Exit to home and open Find My app. Tap Me to see your current location.
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How To Share And View Location

  1. Open Find My app and activate Share My Location.
  2. Tap People and enter the name or number you want to monitor.
  3. Send the person a request, and if they accept, you can monitor their real-time location.
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Does Live Mean The Other Person Is Using Their Device?

Live does not mean the other person is on Find My iPhone or their device.

Instead, you can monitor the device’s location in real-time.

How Accurate Is The Find My iPhone Live Feature?

The Live feature uses GPS, which is significantly accurate and can track a person or device within a 20 feet radius.

However, obstacles like trees, bad weather, and buildings can limit accuracy.

Does The Live Location Change?

Live location changes depending on the device’s movement.

So, if the person is on the move, their location will keep changing toward a specific direction.


Live on the Find My iPhone app means you can monitor another device’s location in real time.

The feature is accurate and can track a device within a 20 feet radius if the person is in a well-covered GPs area.

However, the other device must accept a manual request to allow you to see its actual location.

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