Truth About Red Light Therapy: Know All The Facts

Today, red light therapy is considered one of the most advanced treatment methods. It even claims to solve many different conditions. 

However, what is the actual truth about the red light therapy? Red light therapy has proven to give the best results to many patients. According to different research and studies (mentioned in further sections), this therapy method has many benefits.

Although some studies require more clarification and evidence, most have successfully passed the tests! That’s one of the reasons that this therapy method was even FDA-approved. 

Do you want to know more about the red light therapy? Then, read on till the end of the blog. 

What Do Red Light Therapy Studies Say? 

According to a study published in the “Journal of Rheumatology,” red light therapy is pretty safe and can also be tolerated during treatment. 

What Do Red Light Therapy Studies Say

The study even states how red light therapy has evolved so much that its treatment plans are far more effective than the “old school” treatments. 

Plus, there’s also a report that suggests that red light therapy may even aid with the improvement of your neuron functionality without any severe side effects. 

A small portion of studies even state that red light therapy can also deal a big time with pregnancy and infertility. This means you can actually improve your fertility with regular sessions of red light therapy. 

However, those who are already pregnant should avoid taking these therapy sessions as miscalculations with the wavelength adjustments can prove costly. Therefore, it’s also recommended that the doctor or healthcare professional stick to the suggestions given. 

Although, there hasn’t been any solid evidence that the therapy has been successful in all such cases. Scientists and researchers are still working on these strong claims. 

However, further research and studies on inflammation, pain reduction, hair growth, and even boosting immunity have proved that RLT is a striking treatment option. 

Many other researchers have also backed these reports that RLT can be one of the top treatment alternatives for these conditions and troubles. 

So far, red light therapies have only proved effective and an ideal modern treatment option for many patients worldwide. 

Is Red Light Therapy Beneficial? (5 Solid Reasons)

Research suggests that red light therapy is highly beneficial! It comes with different benefits, and in this section, I will guide you through the top 5 reasons. 

1. Helps To Heal Tissue Repair

Red light therapy is famous for healing tissue repair and is also scientifically proven. Dealing with these tissue repairs is central to RLT’s therapeutic healing process. 

When you damage your tissue, your body reduces your injuries’ overall activity and slows healing.

So, when you expose the wounded area to red light therapy, the overall blood flow and circulation are escalated, resulting in faster healing time. 

That’s not all; new blood vessels are also formed, creating new collagen (discussed later in the section), and thus your tissues get repaired faster.  

2. Aids With Hair Growth 

Red light therapy has also been found to drastically increase your scalp’s microcirculation (increase in blood flow). And it then stimulates your metabolism in telogen effluvium follicles or catagen. 

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This results in an overall acceleration in the anagen hair production as new hair is made. This is because the epidermal stem cells are stimulated in your hair follicle and then shifted to the anagen phase. 

And this is how red light therapy is capable of growing new hair!

Helps With Wrinkles And Acne

3. Helps With Wrinkles And Acne

Today, you’ll find red light therapy devices in almost all derma clinics because red light therapy can help with your acne and wrinkles issues. 

It has been proven that red light therapy has benefits that help reduce the skin’s oil glands, prevent pore clogs, and give you a few acne breakouts. 

However, according to experts, you need to stay away at a safe distance to prevent skin tanning. This is why such specialists recommend using sun screams before the sessions.  

4. Relieves With Inflammation And Pain

Usually, athletes prefer taking red light therapy sessions to reduce their body pain and inflammation. Know why? This is because red light therapy comes with inflammation and pain-reducing properties. 

And here’s how it does it: the red light wavelengths get absorbed in your cells, producing more ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Naturally, when your ATP is higher, it improves the cells’ functions, gradually accelerating the healing process and lowering inflammation. 

That’s not all; RLT even releases a considerable amount of cytokines, which also play a pivotal role in reducing inflammation. 

5. Helps To Build Collagen

Studies have shown that red light therapy contributes significantly to producing more collagen. It has been proven that RLT helps improve your skin’s elasticity. 

And when you take this therapy regularly, your blood flow increases drastically. This is responsible for producing more oxygen, which travels through your body and aids in building more collagen. 

However, know this: to get better collagen production, you must be consistent with the therapy sessions. It’s better to always stick to your therapy schedule and avoid missing it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Red Light Therapies Scientifically Proven?

There have been many strong studies that show that red light therapy is a promising treatment method. However, more studies are being conducted to determine what other benefits this therapy provides fully.

Are There Any Risks With Red Light Therapy? 

Red light therapies are usually pretty safe to use; however, it’s always advised to consult an expert first to understand if they are compatible with your condition.

Can You Use Red Light Therapy Every Day?

Yes, you can use red light therapy every day. And as long as you’re following all the instructions, you’re good to use. 

How Long Should Each Red Light Therapy Session Last? 

It depends entirely on your condition and why you’re taking the sessions. Usually, each session lasts from 5 minutes to even an hour. 

Red Light Therapy Is Safe! 

After going through this blog, you should know the truth about red light therapy! Without question, this therapy is one of the most advanced therapy methods of all time, and it comes with many benefits. 

However, more research is still being carried out for certain medical claims to dig the truth. But so far, red light therapy has been a promising treatment alternative and surely brings the best to the table. 

Yet, if you have doubts, you can always take expert advice and consultation to get your questions answered!

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