How To Delete Albums On iPhone (Guide for 2024!)

In this article, we will learn how to delete albums on iPhone. Let us take a look.

Knowing how to delete albums on iPhone can help you free up storage space and keep your photo library organized.

It’s pretty easy to create memories with snapshots using your phone. However, these pictures can go beyond 10 MB per shot, leaving you low on space.

When this happens, you’ll likely clear these photos to make more room for other things. As a result, empty albums could be created.

To delete iPhone albums, open the photo app and select “Albums.” Next, you click “see all” to view all albums, then click “edit.”

Afterward, click the delete icon on any of the albums you wish to delete, and you’re done.

Whether you’re using an iPhone 14 Pro or an iPhone 8, the album-deleting process is almost the same.

Keep reading if you’re confused about where to find the ‘delete icon’ for albums on your phone.

This piece will give you a detailed explanation of how to get albums off your iPhone.

How To Delete Albums On iPhone

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Here is a step-by-step guide on deleting iPhone albums. You’d want to follow it sequentially to achieve the desired result.

Locate The Photo App

The first step to deleting albums is to locate the photo app on your phone. Try swiping left continuously on your home screen till you find it, or simply use the search space.

Select Albums

Once you’ve launched your photo app, enter the library and select Albums.

Select “See All”

The next step is to select ‘See All’ to view all the albums you’ve got there. You’d find this at the top right-hand side, next to the “My Albums” heading.

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Click On Edit

You’d find “Edit” at the top right corner, just about the same spot you found “See All” earlier. Click on the ‘Edit.’

Click On The Delete Icon

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Once you’ve tapped Edit, a red minus (-) symbol appears on all your albums. Click on any of the red minus signs to delete any album you choose.

Afterward, follow the confirmation prompt to complete the deleting process, and you’re done.


What Can I Do If I Accidentally Delete All My Photos?

Launch the Photos app if you accidentally deleted your photos on your iPhone. Next, select the utilities in the library to access deleted albums.

You might need a Face ID or Touch ID to unlock deleted albums if your phone is an iOS 16 or iPad OS 16.1. Finally, restore the deleted photos.

How Can I Retrieve Permanently Deleted Photos On iPhone?

To restore a permanently deleted photo on your iPhone, you must first visit

In the sidebar, click on the recently deleted album. Then, restore any picture or video of your choice.


When you need to organize your photos, following the above process for deleting albums on your iPhone would be great.

However, you’d want to be careful, as you could accidentally delete all your photos. This could give you temporary heartache.

But you can fix the problem by learning more about how to get deleted albums back on an iPhone.

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