Maintain A Good Work-Life Balance With These Email Apps For iOS

Through the years, the needs of the family have changed.

In more recent years, establishing a work-life balance has become so important.

We have to work to pay the bills, but we also need to be able to live our lives and be involved with friends and family.

Finding that balance and being able to enjoy the best of both worlds is a challenge.

It’s far easier to maintain a work-life balance when you have the right tools available to you. 

In this guide, we share some tips for helping build a work-life balance, as well as the top apps that you can lean on to help you manage your time and enjoy this balance.

Take a look at these options below to learn more. 

Top Apps For iOS To Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Let’s start with some useful apps.

If you use an iPhone or any type of iOS system, these apps are really awesome for managing your time together.

One of the cool things about iOS is the various products integrate.

This means if you have an iPhone and a desktop or laptop, you can sync them together.

Any iOS system can communicate, and this may be useful for helping you maintain that balance. 

Check out these email and organizational apps to help. 


When you communicate with other iOS users, you can use iMessage, which is extremely beneficial. 


iMessage for PC through Spike gives you access to this messaging app right on your PC, expanding your reach to make keeping up with messages that much easier. 

When you use Spike’s iMessage, it is integrated right into your email system, allowing you to iMessage even when you don’t have an iOS or Apple device to receive those messages.

The app is helpful because it allows you to appreciate the integrative approach of iMessage but doesn’t force you to conform to just Apple devices. 

Those messages get delivered right to your PC, which is an awesome advantage. 


Being able to take notes and communicate between devices is a huge help.

When you can take notes and keep track of things you need to remember, it helps you better prioritize your time.

Notes apps allow you to jot down things to remember that aren’t necessarily scheduled items. 

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Notes simply give you a place to jot down ideas or thoughts when you have them and then refer back to them later.

Here you might put a reminder to “update Jill’s address” or something along those lines so you can check off those little things when you have free time between scheduled things. 

To-Do or Task Management

Finally, you need a task management app that integrates with your email and iOS applications.

Find something that will connect to your calendar and messages so that you can easily add tasks from these places if you need to. 

With the right task management app, you can keep track of tasks, enter notes, integrate with other apps, and set due dates or times to hold you accountable for getting things done. Incorporating what is MBO (Management by Objectives) can further enhance goal alignment.

Then, you can check things off when they are complete or get reminders when something needs attention. 

Task Management

Tips For Work-Life Balance

Maintaining an appropriate work-life balance requires some organization and dedication on your part.

The more organizational tools at your fingertips, the easier it will be to do.

Hold yourself accountable by using your messages, emails, tasks, notes, and more when you are focused on working and turning off notifications for these things when you are enjoying life. 

Draw a clear line so you can separate the two.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain that balance. 

  • Keep tasks as organized as possible
  • Don’t drop the ball
  • Prioritize and plan
  • When not working, stay away from work tasks and notifications
  • Integrate data and apps together as much as possible
  • Use task management software
  • Take pride in your work and take pride in life away from work
  • Schedule and plan

These simple tips will simply help set up ways to manage work and know when it’s time to put work away.

Learn to prioritize, schedule, and organize to maintain the balance you are after. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re single and living it up or you’re raising a family, establishing a work-life balance is so important.

It helps to set boundaries for yourself and organize when to do what in your life.

Take small steps to manage and organize tasks and work needs so that you can enjoy life without worrying about work all the time.

Take advantage of the tools that are there to help you, and you will be successful! 

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