17 Best Apps for Habits in 2024

Best Apps for Habits

Embarking on the journey of self-improvement often starts with the simple act of forming good habits.

Whether it’s drinking more water, meditating, or keeping your living space organized, the key to success lies in consistency and tracking your progress.

In this digital era, the best apps for habits have emerged as invaluable allies in this quest.

These habit-tracking apps not only remind you of your daily goals but also provide insightful analytics to keep you motivated.

From gamified experiences to minimalist designs, there’s an app tailored to every personality and need.

Best Apps for Habits

While technology is a powerful tool, the ultimate power for change resides within the individual.

The following apps serve as catalysts, but the real transformation is a testament to personal commitment and perseverance. Let’s start exploring these apps.

1. Habitica

Habitica Best Apps for Habits

Habitica transforms habit tracking into an adventurous game, making self-improvement fun and engaging.

As you complete real-life tasks, your in-game character progresses, providing a unique blend of productivity and entertainment.

This app is ideal for those who thrive on rewards and a sense of achievement.

It allows for social interaction, enabling users to join forces with friends for added motivation.

The gamification aspect of Habitica is a powerful tool to keep users committed to their goals.

Its role-playing game format makes mundane tasks feel like exciting quests.

2. Streaks

Streaks Best Apps for Habits

Streaks is designed for those who find motivation in maintaining consecutive successes.

It allows tracking of up to 24 tasks, encouraging users to build and maintain daily streaks.

The app’s integration with Apple Health makes it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Its simple, intuitive interface is perfect for quick check-ins and updates.

Streaks is especially effective for users who are driven by visual progress indicators.

The app’s focus on consistency helps in forming long-lasting habits.

3. StickK

StickK Best Apps for Habits

StickK stands out with its commitment contract approach, where users put stakes on their goals.

This method leverages the psychological principle of loss aversion, making users more likely to stick to their commitments.

The app is ideal for those who need a high level of accountability.

StickK allows for monetary stakes, adding a tangible consequence to goal achievement or failure.

Its community feature offers support and encouragement from other users.

This app is particularly effective for those who respond well to external motivation and social reinforcement.

4. Strides

Strides Best Apps for Habits

Strides is a versatile app that caters to various tracking needs with its four unique tracker types.

It’s perfect for setting and monitoring SMART goals, offering a clear and structured approach to habit formation.

The app provides detailed progress reports, making it easier to analyze and adjust strategies.

Strides is ideal for users who appreciate data-driven insights into their habits.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of habit tracking.

The app’s flexibility in goal setting makes it suitable for a wide range of personal objectives.

5. Productive

Productive Best Apps for Habits

Productive offers a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate interface for habit tracking.

It allows users to customize habits with unique icons and set reminders, enhancing the user experience.

The app’s feature to pause habits is particularly useful for adapting to changing life circumstances.

Productive’s streak challenges and motivational quotes keep users engaged and inspired.

Its focus on simplicity makes it accessible to a broad audience.

The app is ideal for those who prefer a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing approach to habit management.

6. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker Best Apps for Habits

Habit Tracker (Habify) provides a straightforward and intuitive interface with extensive customization options.

It’s great for setting varied goals and tracking progress with ease.

The app offers multiple reminders and habit templates, catering to diverse tracking needs.

Its group feature enhances accountability through social motivation.

Habit Tracker’s simplicity makes it suitable for beginners in habit formation.

The app’s flexibility in habit setting and tracking appeals to a wide range of users.

7. HabitShare

HabitShare Best Apps for Habits

HabitShare stands out with its social sharing feature, allowing users to track habits with friends.

This app is perfect for those who find motivation in communal progress and peer support.

Its privacy settings ensure control over what is shared and with whom.

HabitShare’s real-time notifications keep users informed about their group’s achievements.

The app’s simple interface focuses on the social aspect of habit tracking.

It’s ideal for users who thrive on mutual encouragement and accountability.

8. Daylio Journal

Daylio Journal Best Apps for Habits

Daylio Journal combines mood tracking with habit management, offering a holistic approach to self-improvement.

Users can log their moods and activities, gaining insights into how habits affect emotional well-being.

The app’s non-verbal logging system is user-friendly and accessible.

Daylio’s journal feature encourages reflection and mindfulness.

It’s perfect for those who seek to understand the emotional impact of their daily routines.

The app’s ability to identify patterns between mood and activities makes it a valuable tool for personal growth.

9. Fabulous

Fabulous Best Apps for Habits

Fabulous is designed to help users build structured routines and achieve their wellness goals.

It offers personalized habit plans based on behavioral science principles.

The app’s focus on holistic well-being covers various aspects of life, from sleep to fitness.

Fabulous is ideal for users seeking a comprehensive approach to habit formation.

Its engaging interface and motivational guidance make habit building enjoyable.

The app’s emphasis on small, sustainable changes appeals to users looking for long-term improvement.

10. Done

Done Best Apps for Habits

Done provides a simple and effective way to track habits, focusing on both building and quitting habits.

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Its colorful graph format offers a quick visual representation of progress.

The app’s streak calendar motivates users to maintain consistency.

Done’s widget feature keeps habits visible and top of mind.

It’s suitable for users who prefer a minimalist and straightforward tracking method.

The app’s user-friendly design makes habit tracking an easy and enjoyable task.

11. Loop

Best Apps for Habits

Loop stands out with its open-source nature, offering a customizable and transparent habit tracking experience.

Its simple interface allows for easy tracking and visualization of habits.

The app’s analytics feature provides insightful progress overviews.

Loop is ideal for tech-savvy users who appreciate the ability to modify and personalize their apps.

Its calendar view offers a clear snapshot of daily achievements.

The app’s commitment to privacy and user control makes it a trustworthy choice for habit tracking.

12. Everyday

Everyday Best Apps for Habits

Everyday offers a unique visual approach to habit tracking, emphasizing the importance of daily consistency.

Its interface is designed to encourage users to maintain a streak without breaking the chain.

The app is available across multiple platforms, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Everyday’s simplicity and focus on daily habits make it ideal for users seeking straightforward habit management.

Its visual streak representation provides a clear and motivating progress overview.

The app’s cross-platform availability makes it a versatile tool for habit tracking.

13. Momentum

Momentum Best Apps for Habits

Momentum’s design is based on the “Don’t break the chain” principle, promoting consistency in habit formation.

Its simple and minimalistic interface allows for quick habit tracking. The app’s integration with iOS and WatchOS makes it convenient for Apple users.

Momentum’s home screen widgets provide easy access to habit tracking.

The app is perfect for users who prefer a no-frills, focused approach to habit management.

Its emphasis on maintaining streaks is highly motivating for users driven by visual progress.

14. Coach.me

Coach.me Best Apps for Habits

Coach.me offers a community-based approach to habit tracking, with access to professional coaching.

Users can join groups with shared goals, enhancing motivation through social support.

The app’s directory feature allows users to connect with and hire personal coaches.

Coach.me is ideal for users seeking guidance and accountability from experts.

Its community aspect fosters a supportive environment for habit formation.

The app’s focus on coaching and communal learning makes it unique in the habit tracking space.

15. Habitify

Habitify Best Apps for Habits

Habitify simplifies habit tracking with its clean, note-taking app-like interface.

It offers templates for common habits, making setup quick and easy.

The app’s grouping feature allows users to organize habits under broader goals.

Habitify’s mood logging adds an emotional dimension to habit tracking.

Its calendar integration ensures habits align with daily schedules.

The app is suitable for users who appreciate a clean, organized approach to habit management.

16. Tangerine

Tangerine Best Apps for Habits

Tangerine focuses on self-care alongside habit tracking, offering reflective journaling features.

Its user interface is engaging, encouraging regular use and interaction.

The app’s habit and mood tracking combination provides a comprehensive view of personal progress.

Tangerine’s emphasis on self-reflection aids in understanding the impact of habits on overall well-being.

Its visually appealing design makes habit tracking a pleasant experience.

The app is ideal for users who value introspection and emotional awareness in their self-improvement journey.

17. Avocation

Avocation Best Apps for Habits

Avocation gamifies habit tracking with a plant-growing metaphor, making progress visually rewarding.

Its lessons on habit formation provide educational value to users.

The app’s light-hearted approach keeps habit tracking fun and engaging.

Avocation’s interface is user-friendly, suitable for all ages.

Its unique plant-growing feature offers a sense of accomplishment as habits are maintained.

The app is perfect for users who enjoy a playful and interactive method of habit tracking.


What Makes Habit Tracking Apps Effective for Behavior Change?

Habit tracking apps are effective because they leverage the power of technology to provide consistent reminders, motivational incentives, and progress tracking.

They simplify the process of habit formation by breaking down goals into manageable tasks, offering visual progress indicators, and sometimes incorporating social elements for added motivation.

These apps cater to various learning and motivational styles, making habit formation more accessible and engaging.

Can Habit Tracking Apps Help in Breaking Bad Habits?

Yes, many habit tracking apps are specifically designed to assist in breaking bad habits.

They often include features like negative task tracking, where users can log instances of unwanted behaviors, and analytical tools to identify patterns and triggers.

By providing a structured approach and visual representation of progress, these apps can be a powerful aid in overcoming negative habits.

Are Habit Tracking Apps Suitable for All Age Groups?

Most habit tracking apps are designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making them suitable for a wide range of age groups.

However, the suitability of a specific app can depend on the individual’s comfort with technology, the complexity of the app’s features, and the nature of the habits being tracked.

Some apps are specifically designed with a younger or older audience in mind, offering tailored interfaces and functionalities.


Navigating the realm of self-improvement and habit formation becomes significantly more manageable with the best apps for habits at your disposal.

These applications offer a diverse range of approaches, from gamification and social sharing to data-driven insights and minimalist designs, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking to build new habits, break old ones, or simply gain better control over your daily routines, these apps provide the tools and motivation necessary to achieve your goals.

By integrating these digital companions into your life, you can embark on a journey of personal growth and consistent self-improvement.

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