11 Best Apps for 1st Grade in 2024

Looking for the best apps to help your 1st-grade students learn and have fun? Check out our list of the top apps that can support their educational journey.
Best Apps for 1st Grade

You aren’t limited to school books nowadays because technology has become an integral part of education. 

As young learners, first-grade students can greatly benefit from educational apps that make learning fun, interactive, and engaging. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best apps for 1st grade students that will enhance their educational experience and help them thrive academically. 

11 Best Apps For 1st Grade in 2024

The following are the best applications to use for educating 1st graders.

1. ABCmouse


ABCmouse is an all-encompassing educational platform meticulously tailored for children between the ages of 2 and 8. 

This comprehensive platform offers an extensive curriculum that spans an array of subjects, including mathematics, reading, science, and art. 

It’s mainly designed to cater to the needs of 1st graders, creating a diverse and interactive learning environment that lays a solid foundation for a child’s educational journey.

Key Benefits

  • Age-appropriate content ensures effective learning for children.
  • Covers a wide range of educational subjects.
  • Keeps children engaged and excited with its fun, interactive lessons.

2. Starfall


Starfall emerges as an exceptional educational app offering various educational games and activities tailored for early readers. 

With its diverse toolkit of engaging activities, Starfall aims to foster and enhance the critical reading skills of young learners. 

The app introduces children to the magic of reading through a rich collection of interactive tools and materials.

Key Benefits

  • Offers a versatile selection of educational games and activities.
  • Fosters early literacy development, building a solid foundation for reading.
  • Promotes independent learning, allowing children to explore and grow at their own pace.

3. Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos


Epic! stands as a vast and meticulously curated digital library, serving as a treasure trove of literary wonders, including an extensive collection of books, audiobooks, and educational videos, all thoughtfully tailored for young readers. 

This app emerges as the quintessential platform for 1st graders, opening the gateway to the enchanting world of literature. 

With its extensive repository of content, Epic! Not only introduces children to the joy of reading but also nurtures their curiosity, sparking a lifelong interest in stories, knowledge, and exploration as they build their character.

Key Benefits

  • Access to an extensive and diverse library.
  • Encourages the development of reading and listening skills interactively.
  • Inspires a deep passion for storytelling and knowledge, creating a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

4. DoodleMath for 1st Grade


DoodleMath for 1st Grade is an educational app with a unique approach to teaching math. 

Through a series of interactive games and challenges, it transforms math into a fun and accessible adventure for young minds. 

The app’s strength lies in its ability to tailor math exercises to meet individual needs, ensuring that each child’s learning experience is personalized. 

Game-based learning keeps children engaged, making math both enjoyable and effective. 

Moreover, DoodleMath tracks progress and identifies areas for improvement, providing valuable insights for parents and educators, making it an invaluable tool for first-grade math enrichment.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized math exercises for individual needs.
  • Game-based learning for an enjoyable math journey.
  • Progress tracking and identification of areas for improvement.

5. IXL


IXL is an educational app designed to help children excel in math and language arts by providing a comprehensive and personalized learning experience. 

It covers various topics tailored to a child’s grade level and individual needs, ensuring they receive the instruction and practice required to succeed. 

IXL’s standout feature is its ability to create customized student learning paths, enabling efficient skill development. 

Additionally, it tracks performance, offering valuable insights to parents and teachers. 

IXL is a robust support system for young learners on their academic journey.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized learning paths for efficient skill development.
  • Comprehensive coverage of math and language arts topics.
  • Detailed performance tracking for progress assessment.

6. Toca Life World

Toca Life World

Toca Life World is a captivating virtual playground encouraging children to explore, create, and embark on imaginative adventures. 

This app allows kids to build stories and design scenarios, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. 

It is a unique canvas where young minds can interact with various characters, experiment with different environments, and experiment with diverse narratives. 

Toca Life World is an endless source of inspiration for imaginative young souls, creating an engaging platform for them to play and grow creatively.

Key Benefits

  • Fosters creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Offers an open-ended, boundless play environment.
  • Encourages imaginative storytelling and character interaction.

7. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an engaging and educational app that makes learning new words an entertaining and interactive journey for children. 

Through a series of interactive puzzles and animated characters, this app helps kids explore the world of vocabulary captivatingly. 

It goes beyond rote memorization, teaching the meanings of words and how they function in sentences. 

This unique approach builds a strong foundation for language and literacy. 

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Endless Alphabet ensures that young learners have a playful, fun, and practical experience as they expand their vocabulary and embark on the exciting journey of language exploration.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive word puzzles and animated characters.
  • Builds a solid foundation for language and literacy.
  • Encourages a playful approach to vocabulary expansion.

8. Pango Paper Color

Pango Paper Color

This next app is an art-centric drawing and coloring app designed to inspire creativity in young minds. 

With a rich set of drawing and coloring tools, it offers children a canvas to explore and express their artistic vision. 

The app encourages kids to create colorful masterpieces, fostering a sense of pride in their artistic accomplishments. 

It provides a platform for imaginative artwork, allowing children to experiment with colors, shapes, and forms. 

Pango Paper Color is a delightful, user-friendly tool for young artists to unlock their creative potential and develop their artistic skills enjoyably and interactively.

Key Benefits

  • Inspires artistic expression and creativity.
  • Provides a variety of drawing and coloring tools.
  • Encourages experimentation with colors and forms.

9. SpellingCity

ABC Kids Spelling City

SpellingCity is an educational app designed to assist children in practicing and improving their spelling and vocabulary skills. 

It achieves this through interactive games, quizzes, and personalized practice sessions. 

SpellingCity provides an enjoyable and effective way to enhance language skills, making it an ideal companion for young learners. 

The app offers an engaging platform for children to refine their spelling and vocabulary knowledge, whether in school or at home.

Key Benefits

  • Fun and engaging spelling challenges.
  • Personalized learning for different proficiency levels.
  • Effective improvement of language skills.

10. Duolingo for Kids

Duolingo ABC

Duolingo for Kids introduces young learners to the exciting world of language learning in a fun and interactive way. 

This app offers bite-sized language lessons and activities, making it a perfect choice for children exploring new languages. 

Duolingo for Kids uses gamification to engage young minds and motivate them to continue their language journey. 

It’s a user-friendly, child-oriented platform that encourages cultural awareness and language diversity while introducing foreign languages to children in an enjoyable and accessible manner.

Key Benefits

  • Child-friendly language lessons.
  • Promotes cultural awareness and language diversity.
  • A fun introduction to foreign languages for kids.

11. Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a remarkable educational app meticulously engineered to facilitate and enhance early reading skills in young children. 

This innovative platform empowers children with a dynamic combination of interactive games and engaging activities, creating an environment where learning to read becomes a delightful adventure. 

With its immersive and interactive approach, Reading Rockets engages young minds, ensuring that they not only grasp the mechanics of reading but also develop a deep appreciation for the written word.

Key Benefits

  • Engages children through interactive games and activities.
  • Enhances reading comprehension by promoting active learning.
  • Cultivates a lifelong love for reading by making the process enjoyable.

The Value of Educational Apps for First Graders

These apps turn learning into a fascinating adventure, bridging the gap between education and entertainment. 

They captivate young brains by providing engaging and interactive content, making teaching fun and effective.

Educational applications also provide customization, adapting to a child’s skill level, cultivating vital abilities such as critical thinking and creativity, and encouraging independent learning. 

Their accessibility implies that learning can occur anywhere, giving busy families flexibility.

In summary, educational apps are a potent instrument that not only builds the framework for academic achievement but also instills a lifetime love of learning and fundamental abilities in children that will serve them well throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Educational Apps Safe for 1st Graders to Use Independently?

Many educational apps are designed with safety in mind. 

However, parents must choose age-appropriate apps, supervise usage, and set screen time limits to ensure a safe and balanced learning experience.

Do Educational Apps Replace Traditional Classroom Learning for 1st Graders?

Educational apps complement traditional learning but do not replace it totally. 

They provide additional resources and interactive tools to enhance a child’s education, making it more enjoyable and effective.

How Can I Select the Best Educational Apps for My 1st Grader?

Choosing the right educational apps involves considering your child’s learning needs, reading user reviews, and checking app ratings. 

Look for apps that align with their school curriculum and cater to their interests.

Do Educational Apps Hinder Physical Activities and Social Interactions?

Educational apps can be balanced with physical activities and social interactions when used in moderation and with proper supervision. 

Again, they should complement, not replace, these essential aspects of a child’s development.


First grade is a critical time for building foundational skills, and these apps are carefully curated to ensure your child’s success.

Whether it’s math, reading, science, or coding, there’s an app that can ignite their curiosity and drive for knowledge.

Integrating these 11 best apps for 1st grade into your child’s educational journey gives them the tools they need to excel in their studies. 

Try them and go for an exciting learning adventure with your kids that will prepare them for a bright future!

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