Top 5 Online Calculators

People have been measuring everything since ancient times. Numerous units have appeared during the previous centuries.

Globalization started to lead all regions and countries to unity. It was challenging to utilize traditional variants that differ in meaning and often lead to confusion.

At last, a standard system was created. It was aimed to introduce options that will have the same meaning and value all over the world.

Special objects were created to serve as standards. The idea worked well but some countries still stick to their common metric systems and that is why we may encounter the task of converting both at work or as a part of the studying process.

It is challenging due to the wide variety of options and coefficients that are required for such actions.

If you struggle with such tasks, try an online calculator. These useful tools were created to make any needed estimation automatic and convenient.

A conversion calculator utilizes algorithms that make no mistakes, work swiftly and are at hand. Let us discover more details about the top 5 such services, their main features and the possibilities they give.

The first service in our list is a user-friendly and easy-to-use unit calculator named

It allows performing instant estimates related to length, temperature, weight and mass, volume, area, angle, time, speed, pressure power and numerous other engineering and highly specific options.

image 35

This superb online conversion calculator is associated with the following benefits:

  • can be used as a desktop or mobile browser version;
  • has no limits on the number of tasks;
  • does not require registration or provision of the personal data;
  • provides easy navigation and an ability to copy and send the obtained numbers;
  • is error-free due to the powerful and reliable algorithms.

With this service, one can perform any required transformation without hassle or tiresome long manual operations. It is convenient and understandable.

The user can switch between different options and find them through the menu or the search bar located at the top of the page.

There is a Contact Us button at the bottom of the page for quick communication with the developers of the resource. The user can clarify any issues related to the service and get a quick response. It is also possible to write an e-mail in case of any questions or proposals. 

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The next tool is not merely a basic unit converter. It also works with different math, finance, health and other tasks. The developers combined more than 3000 functions on this resource.

image 36

They not only perform the task but may also provide a detailed explanation of the process. With such a huge number of options, one may get a bit confused, so some time is needed to understand the basics of navigation on this resource.


The next online unit converter was introduced in 2007. It contains a basic calculator that looks and works like a real one. An online conversion of various physical values is available here.

image 37

The resource has a bright interface and some interesting and unusual functions such as a body mass index estimation, darts and scientific options and an online abacus that helps children learn how to count.

The website is quite diverse and contains advertising that may be a bit distractive for users.

Metric Conversions

One more simple and available for free metric conversion calculator has a simple and understandable interface. It provides a good range of common functions and allows performing all the basic transformations.

image 38

At the bar located in the right upper corner of the website, the user can select a language.

A wide variety of the latter makes the tool applicable in many countries and regions. It is free for use and provides the users with an app that can be installed and utilized on any gadget with Internet connection.


Functions of this website include both a unit converter calculator and other functions, such as grade and mortgage tasks, tools for web design, online notepad, etc.

image 39

The user can also perform some basic mathematical operations via this service if there is no physical means at hand.

The resource is free and quite simple. All the available units are listed on one page, which makes the search for the required one a bit time-consuming. The operation itself is instant and error-free.

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