5 Ways To Customize Your PS5 Controller For A More Immersive Gaming Experience

Upgrading peripherals for video gaming isn’t a new concept. It’s been around ever since companies started making accessories targeted towards gamers.

However, console owners were the first to start the trend of customization. 

With the release of Sony’s latest console, there’s a question on everyone’s minds. “Can you customize your PS5 controller?” the short answer to that question is yes. In this guide, you can learn more about it. Let’s start. 

What Reasons Could You Have To Customize A PS5 Controller?

Before starting on the customizations that you can perform on your controller, you need to learn why you’d consider doing it. There are several reasons for that. Check these out. 

Aesthetics and Looks

By customizing your DualSense controller, you can completely change the way it looks. You can also change the colors of specific parts if you’re going for a particular theme.

For instance, the front shell of the PS5 controller is detachable and can be replaced with something of a different color or design. 

Aesthetics and Looks

Better Performance

If you keep using a controller to play games regularly, there will come a time when the different buttons and triggers will wear down.

At that time, you’ll start noticing issues with your DualSense controller. You can replace the faulty parts with aftermarket alternatives to improve the performance. 

Gaining A Competitive Advantage

For some games, the stock triggers included with the DualSense controller are not enough. For example, in FPS games like Call of Duty, you need precise control and tactile feedback.

You can replace the triggers on the back with something with a faster response time to gain an advantage over everyone else. 

Things That You Can Do To Your DualSense Controller

Now that you know the why, let’s talk about the how. How can you start customizing your PS5 controller? What are the possibilities that you’re working with?

Here are the 5 things that you can do to change your controller for a new look and better performance.

1. A Customized Look

The first and perhaps the easiest customization that you can do is get a customized shell on the front.

You can use a plastic prying tool to take off the front part of the controller covering the two analog sticks. Simply add your customized shell over the top and you’re done. 

You can also change the touchpad on the front. But to replace this, you’ll need to open up the screws and get inside. You can find the majority of these screws on the front.

Additionally, there are two hidden screws behind the triggers on the back of either side. You’ll need to pry those open to gain access. 

Once inside, you need to disconnect all of the connections and remove all the circuitry.

Once everything is disassembled, you can replace the touchpad. Make sure to remove the touchpad haptics from the old part and add it to the new one. 

2. New Face Buttons

On the DualSense controller, the buttons that you see on the front are called the face buttons. Four of these buttons are on the D-pad, with the rest on the other side of the controller. 

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You can easily find third-party replacements for these online. If you’ve got some on your hand, proceed to disassemble your DualSense controller. Once you’ve opened everything up, just go ahead and add the new face buttons. 

When everything is fit properly, screw everything back in and you’re done.

New Face Buttons

3. Changing The Analog Sticks

You can also change the analog sticks. These are perhaps the parts that start deteriorating the first on any controller, not just the PS5 one.

If you’ve ever heard anyone say the term “Stick Drift”, that’s probably the reason why they’re thinking of changing it out. 

Stick drift happens when the analog sticks go out of alignment. When that happens, it starts registering an input without you touching the sticks.

It can mess up your controls when you’re gaming, so it’s a serious issue that needs fixing. 

With the regular DualSense, you’ll need to find a replacement part for it on the market. After that, it’s the same process once again.

Open up the controller and change the sticks to fix the issue. While you’re at it, you can also change the stick caps for a customized feeling. 

This process is easier on the new DualSense Edge. Sony has made the parts modular and manufactures replacements for the controller. Each one costs $20 and can easily be installed without taking the whole thing apart. 

4. Get Some New Triggers

If you remember correctly, there was a mention near the beginning of the article to get custom triggers for better performance.

By replacing the trigger switches with different ones, you can change the feedback that you get from pulling the trigger. 

This allows you to have more control when performing certain actions or shooting guns in FPS games. These triggers are referred to as ”mouse click triggers.”

There are alternatives for the bumper switches as well. So you can install them to aim and shoot faster in games. 

5. Do A Custom Paint Job

The last thing that you can do to your DualSense controller is give it a complete makeover by giving it a custom paint job.

For that, you need to take all of the parts apart and paint them one by one. If you’re artistic enough, you can use regular paints and brushes. 

However, the most effective way is to use spray paint and stencils for a good job. If you’re completely new to this process, make sure to test it out on something else first.

Optionally, you can also find people online that will do it for you. 

Over To You

Now that you know why and how to customize your controllers, you won’t have to go buy a new one the next time a minor issue arises.

You also know how to change the look, so you don’t need to go out and buy a completely new one outright. 

Getting a new custom DualSense controller is going to set you back by a lot. Customization is a cheaper alternative to it. Besides, it lets you have more control over what changes you want to make.

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