How Old Is My iPhone?

In this article, we will know the age of your iPhone to help determine your device’s warranty validity. Let us take a look.

With Apple rolling out upgrades and new phones, it is likely that you may ask yourself, “How old is my iPhone?”.

The good news is that such a query is straightforward, and the answer is easy to find.

Knowing your iPhone’s age can help determine your device’s warranty validity.

Moreover, the manufacturer issues updates to specific models, and the age can also help assess update eligibility.

You can know your device’s age by identifying the model and serial number.

After getting this information, check this number on the Apple website.

Read on to discover how you can find out your device’s age.

How Old Is My iPhone?

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1.) Use The Device’s Serial Number

All iPhones have a unique alphanumeric number on their back, in the box, sim tray, Finder, iTunes, or in the device’s settings. Here is how you find the number in Settings.

  1. Open or launch the Settings app through Siri.
  2. Go to the General section and tap on About. The serial number is listed here, and long press on it to copy.

iPhones made before 2021 have a distinctive feature on their serial number that acts as the manufacturer date identifier.

You want to focus on the fourth number.

2.) Use The Device’s Model Number

You can get your iPhone’s model number through the sim card tray for sim-supported devices, the back cover, or the settings app.

On the settings app, go to general, then about, and tap on the model number section to copy it.

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Open your device’s browser and go to Apple Support.

If using a Mac, click Command+F or Ctrl+F in Windows and type the model number.

Under each phone, Apple provides details, including the manufacturer’s date.

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Can I Find Out How Old My iPhone Is?

You can determine your iPhone’s age by checking the model and serial number. Find these numbers in the settings, device’s back, and original box package, and check them on the Apple website.

How Can I Look Up My Old iPhone Serial Numbers?

You can look up your old iPhone serial number in the device’s settings if it powers up or on the back cover if the information is visible. If not, check with your Apple repair receipt if you had taken it in for a repair.

How Do I Know My iPhone’s Actual Age?

You can know your iPhone’s actual age by checking the serial number. It zeroes in on the production week.


‘How old is my iPhone’ is a question most Apple phone users will ask in their lifetime.

As Apple keeps issuing device updates, you want to know whether your phone is eligible.

With the above iPhone age determiners, you can now quickly have your answer.

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