Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled?

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Why do my AirPods sound muffled?

This is a question AirPods users ask themselves when they play audio, only to find that the sound is muffled.

AirPods are famous for their quality sound and sleek wireless design.

However, they can produce muffled sounds due to various reasons.

These include weak connection issues, dirt and grime build-up, and improper Dolby Atmos settings.

You can solve these issues with minimal help by cleaning your AirPods, fixing your Bluetooth connection, and setting up Dolby Atmos settings.

Read on to discover why your AirPods sound muffled and how to solve the issue.

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled?

Dolby Atmos Settings

Apple Music uses Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos.

This function allows the AirPods to offer an immersive sound experience.

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However, this function doesn’t work with all AirPod generations, like the first and second generations.

If you have these AirPods, there is a high chance the sound will be muffled.

The following offers a solution for the issue:

  1. Open or ask Siri to launch your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Click on Music and select Dolby Atmos.
  3. Turn it off or select Automatic.

Now play some audio through your AirPods to determine whether you’ve resolved the issue.

Dirty AirPods

With prolonged usage, your AirPods will likely attract dust, debris, and lint over time.

If you hear muffled sounds from one or both AirPods and cannot recall when you last cleaned them, it is time to clean them.

You will need a soft toothbrush or a microfiber cloth, cotton buds, and rubbing alcohol.

Here is the simple procedure to clean dirty AirPods.

  1. Take your AirPods out of their charging case and remove the silicone tips if you have them.
  2. Saturate the end of the cotton bud with rubbing alcohol and scrub the grills.
  3. Gently scrub the grills using the toothbrush to remove stuck debris.
  4. Dip the microfiber cloth in alcohol and clean the charging case.
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After cleaning your AirPods, give them time to dry before use.

After a while, replay the audio to see whether you’ve remedied the problem.

Connection Issues

For one reason or another, your AirPods can produce muffled sounds due to a weak Bluetooth connection.

Luckily, this is a simple issue you can solve in under a minute.

The Following Steps Will Help You Reset The Bluetooth Connection For Your Airpods:

  1. Insert your AirPods into the charging case and shut the lid.
  2. Allow them to sit for 30 seconds before reopening the lid.
  3. Initiate the Settings app and choose Bluetooth.
  4. Opt for AirPods and tap the ‘i’ icon located at the far end.
  5. Click on Forget This Device and confirm the action.
  6. Press and hold the Setup button on your AirPods case. Wait for an amber light to flash, and a setup prompt will appear on your mobile device.
  7. Complete the pairing process for the devices, then play audio once more to verify if the issue has been resolved.
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Why Do AirPods Muffle Sound?

AirPods can muffle sound due to dirt, lint, and debris build-up on the microphone and speaker grills.

However, you can clean your AirPods to solve this issue.

How Many Years Do AirPods Last?

The typical shelf life of AirPods is two to three years because their lithium-ion batteries wear off with time.

Are AirPods Waterproof?

AirPods are not waterproof, so avoid using them in the rain, swimming pool, or shower.


There are several reasons why your AirPods might sound muffled.

They can become muffled due to dirt, weak Bluetooth connection, and Dolby Atmos issues.

However, you can solve these issues independently unless the AirPods are fully damaged and need replacement.

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