21 Best Learning Apps for Adults in 2024

In this article, we’ll explore the 21 best learning apps for adults.
Best Learning Apps For Adults

Today’s fast-paced internet lifestyle has added a new dimension to learning and overall education. 

The increasing number of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has made getting a good education from anywhere and anytime easier than ever. 

There is an app for just about anything nowadays, including learning something new, improving your present knowledge, or keeping your brain active and healthy.  

So tune in because, in this article, we’ll explore the 21 best learning apps for adults in 2024.

21 Best Learning Apps For Adults in 2024

1. Coursera


Coursera is a globally recognized platform that collaborates with top universities and institutions to offer many courses. 

This platform is particularly appealing due to its diverse topics, covering everything from business and technology to arts and humanities.  

Coursera’s Specialization Tracks stand out as a game-changer for learners. 

These tracks enable you to delve deep into a specific skill or subject area, acquiring expertise to boost your career prospects. 

Imagine gaining specialized knowledge and a competitive edge, all conveniently accessible through Coursera.

2. Duolingo


When it comes to learning a new language, Duolingo has simplified everything. 

With over 30 languages, it offers a comprehensive learning experience.  

Duolingo’s gamified approach engages learners in a way that traditional language courses can’t match. 

It transforms language acquisition into a playful adventure, with bite-sized lessons, interactive exercises, and rewards for progress. 

This unique approach ensures that you stay motivated and excited about mastering a new language, making Duolingo an outstanding choice for language enthusiasts.

3. Udemy


Udemy is an online learning marketplace that opens the door to various courses. 

One of its most appealing aspects is the sheer diversity of topics available. 

Whether you’re interested in business, technology, or hobbies like cooking and painting, Udemy has you covered. 

Lifetime Access to course materials is the feature we like the most here. 

Once you purchase a course, you gain lifetime access to its content, enabling you to revisit and reinforce your knowledge whenever needed. 

The flexibility makes Udemy an excellent choice for adult learners with busy schedules.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has made a name for itself by providing high-quality education to everyone, free of charge. 

Its extensive library covers many subjects, making it an ideal resource for students and lifelong learners. 

Its adaptive learning capabilities set Khan Academy apart, as it tailors lessons to your skill level. 

Whether struggling with math concepts or exploring advanced science topics, Khan Academy adapts to your needs, ensuring a personalized and practical learning experience.

5. edX


edX offers courses from prestigious universities and institutions worldwide, bringing top-notch education to your screen. 

Its courses span a variety of subjects, making it an inclusive platform for learners of all backgrounds. 

What truly distinguishes edX is its micro-credential programs because they provide you with valuable certifications that can enhance your career prospects. 

Whether you’re looking to upskill or switch careers, edX’s micro-credentials can be a game-changer in your professional journey.

6. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

When it comes to language learning, Rosetta Stone is a household name.

Its immersive approach allows you to learn a new language naturally and confidently.  

The speech recognition technology is a standout feature of this learning tool. 

Rosetta Stone’s advanced speech recognition technology helps you perfect your pronunciation, ensuring you speak the language authentically and fluently. 

It is among the top apps, especially for adults, in the competitive world of language-learning apps.

7. TED


TED talks are renowned for their ability to inspire and provoke thought. 

The TED app grants you access to thousands of these engaging talks on a wide range of topics. 

What makes TED genuinely exceptional is its diverse range of perspectives, meaning from world-renowned scientists to everyday people with extraordinary stories; TED speakers represent a wide array of perspectives and experiences. 

This diversity enriches your learning journey, exposing you to fresh ideas and novel concepts.

8. Skillshare


Skillshare is a thriving community of creative individuals offering design, photography, writing courses, and more. 

What sets Skillshare apart is its emphasis on collaboration and networking, making it perfect for those looking to explore their artistic side. 

Its vibrant community encourages interaction with fellow learners and instructors. 

This dynamic environment fosters creativity and innovation, propelling you towards your creative goals.

9. Codecademy


For aspiring programmers, Codecademy is a treasure trove of coding knowledge.

Its interactive lessons, projects, and quizzes make learning to code accessible and enjoyable. 

Codecademy’s real-world projects enable you to apply your coding skills to practical scenarios. 

This hands-on approach ensures you grasp the theory and develop the skills necessary to tackle real coding challenges.

10. Babbel


Babbel is a language-learning app that focuses on practical skills and real-life conversations. 

Its approach is tailored to travelers and language enthusiasts who want to communicate effectively.  Real-life dialogue is a standout feature here. 

Babbel’s courses are filled with authentic dialogues that prepare you for honest conversations. 

It means you’ll be equipped to engage in meaningful discussions with native speakers, making your language-learning experience more rewarding.

11. SoloLearn


SoloLearn is a mobile-first platform designed for coding enthusiasts. 

It provides bite-sized lessons, quizzes, and coding challenges that make learning to code convenient and enjoyable.

It offers a virtual space to practice coding in a real-world setting. 

This hands-on practice is invaluable for honing your coding skills and gaining confidence in your abilities.

12. Brilliant


Brilliant is all about enhancing your problem-solving abilities because it offers interactive math, science, and engineering courses, challenging your intellect. 

What sets Brilliant apart is its emphasis on critical thinking. 

The platform places a strong focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

You’ll learn how to approach complex problems confidently and creatively through engaging exercises.

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13. Wikipedia


Wikipedia is a ubiquitous source of knowledge, and its app brings this wealth of information to your mobile device.

It’s perfect for quick research and expanding your general knowledge.  

The vast and continuously updated database is what makes Wikipedia indispensable. 

Its extensive articles are continuously curated and updated by a global community of contributors, ensuring you have access to the latest and most accurate information on various topics.

14. Memrise


Memrise takes a playful approach to language learning, making it enjoyable and effective. 

It employs mnemonic devices and spaced repetition techniques to help you remember vocabulary efficiently.

User-generated content adds an element of variety to your language-learning journey. 

With Memrise, you can access courses and content created by fellow learners, offering fresh perspectives and approaches to mastering a new language.

15. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is your gateway to professional development, offering courses that can elevate your career. 

Topics range from leadership and project management to software development. 

Integration with LinkedIn is a game-changer for networking and career growth. 

You can seamlessly showcase your newly acquired skills and certifications on your LinkedIn profile, enhancing your professional credibility and attracting potential employers or clients.

16. Elevate


Elevate is a brain-training app designed to enhance your cognitive skills, from reading comprehension to math. 

The app offers personalized daily challenges that keep your mind sharp.  

There are adaptive difficulty levels, so you’re continually challenged at a level that’s just right for you. 

Whether you want to boost your mental agility or sharpen specific skills, Elevate tailors its exercises to meet your needs.

17. MasterClass


MasterClass offers exclusive access to lessons from some of the world’s most accomplished individuals, including chefs, writers, and athletes. 

It’s a unique opportunity to learn directly from the best in their fields. 

Personal insights from the Masters set MasterClass among the finest learning apps. 

You acquire knowledge and gain insights and advice that only true masters can provide, giving you a deeper understanding of their crafts.

18. Blinkist


This is perfect for busy adults who want to stay informed and well-read in a time-efficient manner. 

Blinkist provides summaries of non-fiction books, allowing you to grasp the main ideas in just a few minutes. 

The extensive library of book summaries here provides access to a wide range of topics and genres.

Whether you’re interested in business, psychology, or self-improvement, Blinkist covers you with its vast collection of book summaries.

19. DailyArt


DailyArt delivers a daily dose of art history to your device, making it easy to appreciate the world of art. 

Users get information about famous artworks and artists, enhancing their cultural knowledge.  

A curated selection of artwork and informative explanations make the tool exceptional. 

Each daily piece of art is carefully selected and accompanied by insightful explanations, allowing you to deepen your understanding and appreciation of art.

20. Curiosity


Curiosity is a platform that delivers exciting and informative articles on various topics, from science and history to pop culture and technology. 

It’s perfect for those who love to explore new ideas and concepts.  

We like the diverse content library because it makes sure you always have something intriguing to read or watch. 

With Curiosity, you can dive into diverse topics, satisfying your curiosity and expanding your knowledge horizons.

21. RapL


RapL combines the power of music with education to make studying more enjoyable. 

To make learning fun and memorable, it provides courses on a wide range of topics paired with memorable tunes.

The learning while grooving to the Rhythm method sets RapL apart. 

With its music-based approach, you can absorb complex information while enjoying the rhythm and melodies. 

The unique method adds an element of fun to your learning experience.

Benefits of Using Learning Apps

Learning apps offer numerous advantages to adults seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. 

Here are some key benefits:

1. Flexibility and Convenience

Learning apps allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule. 

Whether you have a full-time job or other responsibilities, you can access courses whenever it’s most convenient.

2. Cost-Effective Learning

Many learning apps offer free courses or trial periods, making education more affordable. 

You can access high-quality content without the financial burden of traditional education.

3. Personalized Learning

These apps often use algorithms to tailor content to your needs and skill level. 

This personalized approach ensures you get the most out of your learning experience.

4. Diverse Course Selection

You have access to a wide range of subjects and topics, allowing you to explore new interests or deepen your knowledge in your field of expertise.

5. Skill Enhancement

Learning apps are designed to help you acquire new skills or improve existing ones, making you more competitive in the job market and opening up new career opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Learning Apps Suitable for Beginners? 

Yes, most learning apps cater to learners of all levels, including beginners. 

You can find courses starting from the basics and progressing to more advanced topics.

Can I Earn Certificates or Degrees Through Learning Apps? 

Some learning apps offer certificates of completion for their courses. 

However, earning full degrees typically requires enrolling in accredited institutions.

Do Learning Apps Work on All Devices? 

Many learning apps are available on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

Check the app’s compatibility with your device before downloading.


The field of learning does not question your age and is thriving thanks to these 21 best learning apps for adults. 

Whether you’re interested in languages, coding, art, or personal growth, there’s an app tailored to your needs. 

Do not tell yourself you’ll start from next week or next month. 

Check these apps out and start your educational journey today to unlock new opportunities for personal and professional career growth.

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