Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Valorant

Valorant is a direct competitor to CS GO from Riot Games, which in many ways has made the project more dynamic and added many new ideas and mechanics, some of which are even used by CS GO themselves, since the release of CS 2.

Downloading and Registering In Valorant

Valorant is distributed free of charge by downloading the launcher on the official Riot Games website.

You will need to go through a simple registration, download the project and your valorant carry service will begin in ranked or regular matches.

The Main Idea Of The Project

Valorant invites players to play a series of rounds of up to 13 wins, where each side will have 5 players with the ability to choose agents with unique skills and, in parallel with the skill mechanics, there is also an economy and the purchase of weapons, body armor and grenades.


The main task is to install or clear the spike – this is an analogue of the bomb from Riot Games in Valorant.

Key Points A Beginner Needs To Know

The principle of weapon distribution in Valorant is similar to CS GO and affects the increase in money in the same way.

Submachine guns, which are similarly considered a farm gun, bring in the most money.

The main shock rifles will be variations of the M4 and AK, where you choose solely based on personal taste – the AK will do more damage, but is less accurate, and you just need to get used to its fighting style.

The M4 is more accurate, but requires two bullets for a long-range headshot.

You can always spend a lot of money to buy a sniper rifle, which is expensive and brings less money per kill, but with a high probability of killing any enemy in one well-aimed shot.

In a couple of rounds without deaths, the weapon will completely pay for itself, and most teams try to keep a full-time sniper in the squad for stable Valorant boosting.

If you don’t have enough money for a full-fledged purchase, then you can always play a force round with a reinforced pistol and body armor, but if this round does not turn out to be a success, then it is better to play a full-fledged economic one and purchase resources next.

If you constantly force, then you can, of course, win back the advantage, but if the enemy wins all your force rounds, then you will simply waste a large amount in a round without a serious and full-fledged fight.

Two teams will compete to install and defuse the spike – this is analogous to a bomb in CS 2, and it is important to have time to install it, or destroy the entire enemy team before the end of the round, otherwise a loss will be recorded.

Considering that the map consists of two bombsites and the middle of the map, then for you a much more realistic scenario with the build-up of battles and clearing one of the bombsites with the subsequent installation of a bombsite, than to run around and look for all the enemies with a constant chance of dying from the defense players.

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When playing on the defensive side, try not to just sit on the sites, but play dynamically and periodically force and push in order to surprise your enemies and win more rounds.

Grenades And Skill Orbs

Valorant has various mechanics that allow you to enhance your combat potential in battle.

Each agent has his own special skills, which can be unlocked by killing a large number of enemies, or by purchasing orbs to activate them.

Damage and disorientation grenades are also extremely important for entering bombsites in order to knock out defenders and establish a spike, or, conversely, hold back the advance until other players arrive.

Damage grenades when combining several players can greatly turn the outcome of a forced round without a full purchase; if you guess the vector and throw 2–3 grenades on the enemies’ turn, then you will have a chance to fully kill at least 1 player and turn the potential outcome of the round.

Agents And Their Implementation

Valorant boosting always uses agents that offer players characters with a unique set of skills to use.

image 1

Characters can be divided into several types – attackers, support, tanks.

Let’s look at the most interesting ones


A hero with the ability to quickly move and dodge damage across the map, who is often used as a sniper precisely because of the high pace of movement on the map and the ability to very quickly find himself at the right points on the map for opening kills, or helping allies when enemies enter one of the spike installation points, or vice versa, clearing key points and setting the direction of attack for your team.


This is a full-fledged support and map control hero in any scenario.

The hero can install a special wall to block part of the map for the approach or retreat of enemies, who will be forced to reckon with the hero and her abilities.

If a wall is installed, then opponents need to either go around it and waste precious round time, or break through it and create a lot of noise, thereby indicating their positions and potential attack vector.

The main skill of the character is essentially the ability to fully resurrect one of the heroes of your team, which can greatly change the chances of winning the round, provided that the allies can provide sufficient cover, because the process itself does not last quickly.


A scouting hero who uses a bow and arrow to analyze the map and unleash a powerful attack while precisely targeting the enemy.

If you launch correctly and hit with a scout arrow, you will get a good overview of all enemies if they come this way.

Of course, opponents will be able to destroy your arrow, but by doing so they will indicate their position.

You can check every corner with your arrow without any problems and thereby lead your group to safe points, but the player will have to learn how to launch arrows correctly so that it has a view of all parts of the map at once without blind spots, so as not to collide with a player with shotgun, or reinforced pistol.

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