21 Best Apps for Digital Art in 2024

Best Apps for Digital Art

With the help of powerful applications designed for creative minds, artists can now explore their talents, experiment with various artistic techniques, and bring their visions to life. 

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a seasoned pro, finding the right digital art app is crucial to harnessing your creative potential.

From drawing and sketching to painting, graphic design, 3D modeling, and animation, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s dive into the exciting world of digital art, where your imagination knows no bounds, and explore the 21 best apps for digital art.

Best Apps for Digital Art

Here are some of the best apps.

Drawing and Sketching Apps

1. Procreate

procreate Best Apps for Digital Art

Procreate is a powerhouse among digital art apps, offering an intuitive and feature-rich platform for artists. 

With a vast library of brushes, a smooth and responsive interface, and advanced layer support, Procreate has become the go-to choice for many digital artists. 

Its low one-time purchase price makes it accessible to both beginners and professionals.

2. Adobe Fresco

adobe fresco ios apple

Adobe Fresco seamlessly combines traditional and digital art with its realistic brush offerings. 

It allows artists to work with pixel and vector brushes, emulating the feel of real painting and drawing. 

The free version provides access to essential tools, while in-app purchases unlock more features.

3. Autodesk SketchBook

sketchbook ios apple

Autodesk SketchBook is an excellent option for a free yet powerful digital sketching and drawing app

With a vast library of over 190 brushes, it provides a wide range of creative possibilities.

The app’s user-friendly interface and robust layer support suit artists of all levels.

4. Tayasui Sketches

tayasui sketches ios apple

Tayasui Sketches stands out for its simplicity and user-friendliness. 

It offers a range of natural drawing tools and realistic blending options, making it an ideal choice for artists who prefer a straightforward yet powerful drawing experience. 

The free version includes basic features, with additional tools available through in-app purchases.

5. Concepts

concepts app ios apple

Concepts are designed for those who seek a versatile drawing app.

It provides a virtually infinite canvas, perfect for brainstorming and sketching ideas. 

The app’s vector brushes and precision tools help create intricate and detailed artwork. 

Like many apps, it offers free basic features and additional tools through in-app purchases.

Painting Apps

6. Corel Painter

corel painter 1

Corel Painter is a heavyweight in digital painting, known for its ability to mimic traditional art techniques. 

It offers features like Brush Tracking and RealBristle, making it a top choice for professional painters. 

While it comes with a substantial one-time price tag, its extensive toolset and natural painting feel make it worth the investment.

7. ArtRage

artrage 1

ArtRage excels in simulating the experience of real-life art creation.

Its realistic brushes and customizable workspace give artists the feeling of working on traditional mediums. 

The app’s affordable price point makes it a practical choice for those who want to explore natural painting and artistic techniques without breaking the bank.

8. Rebelle


Rebelle is a digital art app that emulates watercolor and acrylic painting techniques. 

It offers a realistic watercolor simulation that allows artists to experiment with various watercolor effects. 

While it comes at a higher price, its unique features make it a must-have for artists who want to explore the world of watercolor art.

9. PaintTool SAI

paintool sai

PaintTool SAI is a lightweight and affordable painting app with excellent pressure sensitivity and layer support. 

It’s an excellent choice for artists looking for a budget-friendly option with essential painting features. 

Its simple interface and responsive brush tools make it a great starting point for beginners.

Graphic Design Apps

10. Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector graphics.

With powerful tools like the Pen Tool and Image Tracing, it’s a top choice for graphic designers. 

While it comes with a monthly subscription fee, its versatility, and robust features make it indispensable for professional graphic artists.

11. Affinity Designer

affinity designer

Affinity Designer is an affordable alternative to Adobe Illustrator, offering advanced vector editing capabilities and a unique Pixel Persona for seamless design transitions. 

It’s a one-time purchase with no subscription fees, making it an attractive option for graphic artists on a budget.

12. Inkscape


Inkscape is a powerful, open-source vector graphic design tool that competes with the best. 

Offering features like SVG editing and Bezier curves, Inkscape is a fantastic choice for artists who prefer free and open-source software. 

Its community-driven development ensures continuous improvements and updates.

3D Modeling and Sculpting Apps

13. Blender


Blender is a free, open-source 3D modeling and sculpting application that rivals expensive, proprietary software. 

It offers a comprehensive set of tools for 3D sculpting, rigging, and animation, making it an invaluable resource for 3D artists and enthusiasts.

14. ZBrush


ZBrush is a premium digital sculpting application known for its powerful features and realistic sculpting capabilities. 

With tools like DynaMesh and ZRemesher, ZBrush is the go-to choice for professional 3D sculptors. 

While it comes at a premium price, its advanced features and capabilities are worth the investment.

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15. Sculptris


Sculptris is a beginner-friendly 3D sculpting app that allows artists to dive into the world of digital sculpting with ease. 

Its intuitive sculpting tools and dynamic tessellation system make it ideal for artists new to 3D modeling.

The best part is that it’s entirely free.

Photo Editing and Manipulation Apps

16. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is synonymous with photo editing excellence.

Offering a wide range of features such as layers, retouching tools, and filters, Photoshop is an essential tool for photographers, graphic designers, and artists. 

While it comes with a monthly subscription fee, its unmatched capabilities justify the cost.

17. GIMP

gimp 1

GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free and open-source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. 

It provides advanced photo manipulation tools, making it an excellent choice for those who want a powerful yet cost-effective photo editing solution.

18. Snapseed


Snapseed is a versatile and free photo editing app that offers a wide range of filters, tools, and intuitive controls. 

Its user-friendly interface makes it a perfect choice for mobile photographers and artists.

Snapseed is available on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.

Animation and Motion Graphics Apps

19. Adobe Animate

adobe animate

Adobe Animate is the ideal application for animators and motion graphics artists. 

With animation tools and vector drawing capabilities, it’s a comprehensive platform for bringing your creative ideas to life. 

While it has a monthly subscription fee, its professional-grade features are worth the investment.

20. Toon Boom Harmony

toon boom harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is a top choice for animators looking to create cartoons and animations. 

It offers features like frame-by-frame animation and rigging tools, making it suitable for 2D and 3D animation. 

With a relatively affordable monthly subscription, it’s a preferred option for animation professionals.

21. Krita

krita 1

Krita, known for its exceptional painting capabilities, also offers animation tools. 

It includes a timeline feature and various animation tools, making it a versatile option for artists interested in both static art and animation. 

The best part is that it’s free and accessible to artists of all levels.

Advantages of Using Digital Art Apps

Digital art apps offer numerous advantages that have revolutionized how artists create and interact with their work.

Here are some of the key benefits of using these versatile applications:


Digital art apps are incredibly versatile and can be used for various creative purposes, from simple sketching to complex 3D modeling and animation. 

This flexibility allows artists to explore different mediums and styles, fostering creativity and experimentation.

No Mess and No Waste

Unlike traditional art, digital art doesn’t require physical materials like paper, canvas, or paint. 

This means no mess to clean up and no wasted supplies.

Artists can create without worrying about running out of materials.

Undo and Redo

Digital art apps allow artists to make unlimited corrections and alterations to their work.

The ability to undo and redo actions ensures that mistakes are easily fixable, reducing frustration and increasing creative freedom.

Endless Tools and Brushes

Digital art apps provide a vast array of brushes and tools, often customizable, to suit various artistic needs. 

Artists can mimic a broad spectrum of traditional art mediums or create new and unique styles.


The use of layers in digital art apps is a game-changer.

Artists can work on different elements of their composition independently, making it easier to edit, add details, or experiment without affecting the entire artwork.


Digital art apps streamline the creative process by offering features like symmetry tools, perspective grids, and shortcuts. 

These features save time and allow artists to focus on their art rather than technical details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best app for beginners in digital art? 

For beginners, Autodesk SketchBook is an excellent choice.

It’s user-friendly and accessible, making it a great starting point for digital art.

Which app is best for 3D modeling and sculpting? 

Blender is a powerful and accessible 3D modeling and sculpting application suitable for beginners and professionals.

Are there any free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for photo editing? 

Yes, GIMP and Snapseed are fantastic free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, offering robust photo editing capabilities.

Can I use any of these apps on a tablet or smartphone? 

Yes, many apps mentioned, such as Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Concepts, are available on mobile devices, allowing you to create art on the go.

What’s the most affordable digital art app for graphic design?

Inkscape is an excellent, free choice for graphic design, offering powerful vector editing tools without any cost.


With many exceptional apps available, from drawing and painting to graphic design and animation, there’s something for every artist, regardless of skill level or artistic preference. 

Whether you’re a beginner, a professional, or somewhere in between, these 21 best apps for digital art will help you unleash your creative potential and bring your imagination to life. 

So, pick your canvas and let your artistic journey begin.

The right digital art app awaits you to embark on a colorful and creative adventure.

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